Side of the Road Gang Car Club

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Side of the Road Gang Car Club

Abilene, Texas

No organization, No officers, No Dues, No regular meetings, No newsletter, No bylaws... Just cool cars, great folks, and FUN!!!


 The Side of the Road Gang Car Club is for those in and around Abilene, Texas who love  hot rods, race cars, muscle cars, hot street cars and just about anything else cool that rolls. 
To give you a feel of what we are all about: We do the shows, cruises, and events, but are really more at home in the shop with a torch and welder and a project. We like to make quick passes down the strip, and cruise to Sonic. We build crazy stuff like SBC powered VW Bugs, Studebaker Larks or old Broncos. We make it to most all the swap meets and know the best wrecking yards. We buy cars on ebay and Craigslist, swap in another motor and sell them in a couple of weeks. Our shops holds flathead powered 28 Model A's and patina'd 65 Fairlane station wagons, Mustang race cars, old signs and cool junk. We like to meet for breakfast and bench racing at the Dixie Pig, or someone's garage. We borrow each other's trailers, and help retrieve wounded hot rods and newly unearthed project cars.

Maybe YOU are Side of the Road Gang material? Email me if you are interested at We don't want everyone, just REAL car folks that like to have Fun with cars!



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