Side of the Road Gang Car Club

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Side of the Road Gang Car Club

Abilene, Texas
Club Rules and Wisdom
Car Rules stated by members through the years:

Ron Teal: "You have to learn the rules so you know how to break them correctly" 1978

Rod Young: "There's no rules in hot rodding...until you break one of them." 2012

Mike Culbert: "Nobody gets free squash 'cept family" (OK, that has nothing to do with cars...)
Member quotes:

"This ain't no trailer queen.... I've pushed it all over the country!"
"My motor makes a whole lot of power for a really short time..."
"You need to check the bearings on your trailer, I may need to borrow it next week."

Overheard at a club meeting:

"My wife said I had to sell a car before I could buy another one. (long pause) I hope that she likes walking to work!"

In a related conversation:

"Just buy red cars. They never get mad when they see red."  Another member:"My wife sees red EVERY time I bring in a car..."
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